At Spa Splash, we make one grooming product and and one product only. Spa Splash Products are infused with exceptionally  high quality Essential Oils, chosen for their individual attributes to enhance the performance of each product and are now available in fun loving natural fragrances to add that special touch to your pet or salon. We still offer our No Scent as well.

All Spa Splash products are enriched with a superior silk protein and deep hydrating oils to penetrate the coat and hydrate the skin.

 Designed to protect the hair shaft and skin while de-matting , Spa Splash offers easy rinse out leaving the coat lustrous and restored.

 Used by professionals , Spa Splash is truly exceptional. 

Spa Splash Conditioner can be also added to YOUR favorite shampoo to bath, de-mat, de-shed and condition in one step and can be mixed as a leave in conditioner, used straight up for pre-soaking hard packed areas or can be made into a finishing Spritz of your desired choice.. Truly one of the most versatile conditioners on the market.

  Spa Splash is scented with fragrance essential oils derived from plant extracts or in an unscented formula.

Designed to work together to offer a fun pleasant scent with aroma therapy properties which are delightfully playful and make grooming an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet including Cats.

Mix and match if you want for even more fun.

Who says pet grooming products need to smell like medicine to work.. Surely not us !

Spa Splash products

makes Scents to us !

 When bathed with Spa Splash products, a matted coat can be HV dried away from the skin. Once the mat is blown away from the skin, even if only a little, you have a safe airspace between the coat and the skin to work with.  No dulling of your blades by clipping a dirty coat. Your blades will also not overheat as quickly. .  Clipping a matted coat after the bath with Spa Splash products allows you to get a longer blade through the coat.  

Place your HV dryer hose as close to the skin as possible based on the heat of your dryer and move the hose back and forth in small strokes, working the mats away from the skin as much as you can with the force of the dryer. Most mats will come loose and then when the coat is totally dry you can begin to brush or comb out.

 If you are still going to shave, this method will allow you to use a longer blade and then only the part that needs to be thoroughly dry is the is the area between the mat and the skin which saves time 

Splash Splash De-Matting 

Concentrated Conditioner

Spa Splash 

Shampoo Additive - Conditioner - Finishing Spritz

100% Paraben, SLS and Silicone Free

Canada's Best Kept Secret

is now available online

Developed to 

De-tangle - De-Mat - De- Shed - Hydrate - Restore Lustre

Hypoallergenic and safe for all pets and coat types

Used by Professional Groomers and Show Handlers across Canada

You can add Spa Splash De-Matting Conditioner to your favourite shampoo for heavily matted pets , make a Finishing Spritz or use it straight up. Spa Splash is an extremely versatile de-tangler

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