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Spa Splash Concentrated De-Matting Conditioner

 Spa Splash has taken the pet grooming industry by storm and is Made in Canada.  

100 percent natural and free of all parabens and silicones, Spa Splash has just the right amount of different essential oils to hydrate and condition at the same time as it detangles.

 Add to your shampoo or use as a stand alone conditioner of varying strengths for different coat types.  

This amazing product will lift the coat away from the skin to allow for dematting or a longer shave.

Used by top Groomers and Show Professionals nationwide

  For more information visit the  Spa Splash Introduction page.

Spa Splash Ultimate Mat Buster

Mat Buster contains specifically selected essential oils combined with a splash of silicone for the ultimate Mat Buster.  

This ready to use formulation makes grooming easier and it can be used as a regular grooming comb out product and can also be extremely effective in busting mats when used in the bath alongside Spa Splash Concentrated Conditioner.  Made in Canada

Flairosol Mister

You've asked for it and we now stock the world famous Flairosol Constant Stream Mister.  

Versatile and easy to use and refill with your favourite water based conditioning formulation.

Spa Splash Bling Pet Jewellry

Spa Splash carries a unique array of pet jewellry and items to make your pet stand out in a crowd.

 Inventory varies from our Swarovski crystal show/show off leads to some of the most exciting neck ties for those special pets.

Browse our Bling it On page for the latest in Bling Fashion for your pet.

Spa Splash Iron On Transfers

Spa Splash introduces our hand made Iron on transfers for any application you can think of.

 Show off your Breed or have us create your logo in Swarovski Crystals.

  We have a large inventory in stock but love to create.. Each piece is unique and done by Spa Splash - crystal by crystal... they are not massed produced. Ask about what Breeds we have in stock and ready to ship.

Spa Splash  Poshluxe Leashes and Collars

Spa Splash is now creating our Poshluxe series of Pet products.

 Designed and crafted by Spa Splash here in Canada , this collection  is simply sumptuous and decadently Posh.   

Like all our Spa Splash products, Poshluxe leashes and collars make great gifts for your most treasured pet.

Spa Splash Summer Skin Wetcoat

Spa Splash Summer Skin Wetcoat was specifically created to keep your pet cool while still keeping the fur dry. 

Used by some of the top show dogs on circuit.  

Our unique shimmering multi-coloured special order fabric is coupled with a German engineered lining that will not go hard when dry.

Spa Splash LED Light Up Collars

Back by popular demand, Spa Splash is pleased to bring you our deluxe LED night time collars.  We know LED collars and these are water resistant and have a clear strip in the middle of the collar to enhance the glow of the LED lights.

These collars are, in our opinion, the best on the market. They have three settings, Slow Flash, Fast Flash and Steady on.  Never loose track of your dog again around the campfire or just enjoying an evening out with your pet

Spa Splash Expanding Cooling Collars

Summer heat can be overwhelming when training or playing outdoors in any venue. 

 Spa Splash Expanding Collars are just the ticket to keeping cool.  

Just soak them in water for 5-6 minutes and they expand to hold the moisture in.  

They can be tied around your neck or wrist for instant cooling. 

 After use they revert back to their orginal size and when immersed in water they will expand again and retain moisture time and time again.


Ring Bling Armband Number Holders 

Ring Bling Armbands are made exclusively by Spa Splash and each and everyone is hand made right here in Canada using French elastic and crystal rhinestone centre pieces. 

All hardware is made in the USA and we use plastic slides and connectors  as metal is cold and pinches if wearing on a bare arm.

Bling It On Grooming Nooses

Entirely made by hand here at Spa Splash and unique to the Grooming and Show world in Canada.

All  beads are purchased from Italy and the hardware is purchased from the U.S.   Our Grooming Nooses are back by popular demand.  We did not carry them last year but demand has been so great that we decided to make them again.

They stay dry on the dogs neck and are made to keep the dog secure with a round ring and holding bead.   Use them securely in the bath and go directly to the grooming table.

 Of course our beads have Swarovrski crystals in them !